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3 Essential Cannons Applied When Writing a Case Study for Startups

September 9, 2020 Maree Sampson 0 Comments

What is a Case Study?

A case study refers to a firm’s publication that outlines the success in their deals when dealing with clients and ask about orderessay. It is a classic piece of marketing content used in making a sales pitch for potential customers. It helps in presenting a background to the firm to help customers relate more with the company.

Many successful online firms owe their success to appropriately crafted case studies. Recent researches have attributed highly researched case studies for boosting the revenue stream for most businesses. Evidence of the efficacy of the products includes the customer return through the product descriptions.

Case studies stand much more than a piece of congratulatory messages passed on to customers. The effectiveness of a case study is judged when a customer solves their questions about the firm. It would help if you carved your case study in a manner that aims at solving significant queries customers have concerning your product.

Benefits of a Case Study

Why go the extra mile in crafting a case study? Given the high level of revenue boosts that occur for firms that apply it, it can be pretty dumb to dismiss its efficacy. Here is a roundup of some benefits you stand to gain from the use of case studies:

Bringing Product to Life

As a startup, you are yearning to get a piece of attention from your targeted audience. Financial constraints limit your chances of establishing your dominance in the market. However, you can tell the story of your product to capture the attention of your audience. Learn how to dissect your case study into sections comprising of:

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End
  • Conflict
  • Resolution

Peer to Peer Influence

Peer to peer influence is an essential element in bringing out your customer’s perspective through the customer’s eyes. The storytelling scene helps in recounting your overall experience. It is the perfect way to showcase your company’s value.

Real-Life Examples

Most customers need a little more convincing that the products suit them. What better way is using an ordinary person to tell the benefits the products bring to their lives? Furthermore, convincing a potential customer affects their purchasing options.

What to Include in Your Case Study

Here is a roundup of essential elements that need to be part of your writing process for the case study:

Real Numbers

Women lie, men, lie, but numbers don’t. People have a high affinity for statistics when reading case studies. Therefore, remember to include some measurable metrics when breaking down your firm.

Various Formats

Even though people dive into stories, you can usher them to another world of storytelling. You can try an interview format to bring out the raw nature of your case study. You can quote your customer using their own words.

Different Market Mediums

Your targeted audience use other mediums for accessing your content. Therefore, it is essential to diversify with your medium channels when presenting your case studies. Ensure each channel has an appeal of its own. Some people might enjoy reading, while others are effective through visuals or audio. Some important mediums you can try out include:

  1. Podcasts
  2. Infographics
  3. YouTube posts

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