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3 Life Hack Tips to Adopt When Writing Your Business Case Study

Why Does a Case Study Matter?

Most start-ups lack the capital in researching the effect of their products or services to customers. The interaction with customers ends upon the purchase of a product or service. Therefore, it lacks measurable metrics on whether customers find the use of the product. 

Established businesses spend millions of dollars on conduction market research on the effect of their products to customers. Since you lack that financial flex for your business, you can adopt other affordable strategies. A case study is one way to create a strong connection with your audience.


A case study helps in educating your target market why your product suits their needs and preferences. Case studies have been in use for a long time as a useful marketing tool. The best part about case studies is that it does not cost much. All you need is a close relationship with your target audience.

What Does a Case Do?

You can view the case study as a sales pitch to your target market. Through the case study, your targeted audience can learn how valuable your product is. It goes beyond reviews and testimonials. It provides real account of what your customers are missing out when using your product.

A successful case study possesses a high convincing power for your targeted audience. It goes a long way in showing your potential customers what they stand to gain from using your products. It does not cost much but has a high market outreach to potential customers. It does not need an elaborate marketing scheme afterwards.

Tips for Writing a Customer Study

Here are some highly useful tips for adopting when marketing your business to potential customers for higher returns:

Write Something Relatable

Your customers need to have a strong connection with your story. Through your account, potential customers must view the ordinary daily lives they lead. It calls for high knowledge of your target audience and their needs. After reading your case studies, the potential customers must feel:

  • You have comfort with the industry
  • You understand their needs
  • You know the targeted results
  • You are aware of the constraints they face

Your case study should touch on their daily life. In case you deal with beauty products for young ladies, you can note some common problems faced by ladies. You can create a niche through skin problems young ladies go through daily.

Complete Your Story

It is not always doom and gloom. After creating content your audience relates to, it is time to complete the story with possible solutions. When reading through your story, the audience must get a hint behind:

  1. Who is the sample customer?
  2. What are their goals?
  3. What are their needs?
  4. How can you help them achieve it?

Easy Formatting

It gets boring reading through long texts for your case studies. Even though it might be exciting and informative, you must draw the line. Some major formatting elements you will add to your posts include:

  1. Images
  2. Headings
  3. Bulleted lists
  4. Italicized texts

Furthermore, proper formatting of your content increases your SEO ranking, thus opening doors to more customers. 

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