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4 Essential Homework Motivation Strategies for Middle School Students

Why Is It Hard to Work on Your Book Report at Home?

Home is where the heart is. It is where you spend most of the time lazing around when you have nothing to do. It is a haven when you find your peace of mind. Taking note of all these aspects, it becomes hard to transform it into a classroom. For a middle school student, the school sessions are enough.

Therefore, it is hard to maintain focus on your work with your PlayStation in the same room. Imagine having a book report assignment in the middle of the NBA opens? It becomes hard to finish your work with all the distractions. Some reasons why most students don’t complete their assignment while at home include:

  • Lack of understanding – Most students lack the necessary skills needed to complete the assignment. It is unlike the school setting where they are under the guidance of teachers and fellow students.
  • Unavailable parents – While at school, teachers act as the primary source of authority. Students lack any form of authority at home with no parents to guide them through the learning sessions.
  • Extracurricular activities – The push for all-rounded students in academic and extracurricular activities makes it hard for students to maintain focus on studies after school.
  • No positive role models- If the parents leave most of the responsibility for learning to teachers, it makes them lose the interest for students to focus on completing their work.

Motivational Strategies to Adopt

As a parent, it is your sole responsibility to ensure your students maintain focus while studying from home. Here are basic strategies you can adopt to increase the motivation for learning:

Explain Homework’s Purpose

Some middle school students feel like homework is a punishment from teachers. You cannot blame them; the tight schedules they face can take a toll on one. Instead of exerting an authoritarian role, you can explain why they need to work on their homework. Show them the positive experiences of learning that comes with completing assignments.

Set Expectations

Recent research proves that students are likely to become more successful when teachers set high standards. It would help if you transferred the same ideology at home. Make your expectations for the student clear from the beginning. Ensure you use a positive tone at home when addressing them to keep them motivated.

Set an Example

Sometimes all a student needs is an example to follow. Therefore, turn off the TV and get some work done at home alongside your child. Most students would emulate habits portrayed by their parents. Therefore, start changing things around your home. With time, the habit will be instilled into the children. Reading books at home creates an excellent educational culture far away from school.

Set Environment

Most students lack a steady work station at home to carry out their information. It is not advisable to work on your homework from the kitchen table. Therefore, set up a small and tidy workroom for your child. A good work station helps in increasing the productivity of a student. Ensure the room is quiet to create a working mood to improve concentration. 

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