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Expert Tips on Crafting a Stellar Sales Case Study 

What is Sales Case Study?

Most likely, you have read a sales case study once in your life without even knowing it. It might seem like a technical term, but it implies the same thing. A sales case study refers to a data, story or evidence about a related product or service that benefits a customer. However, case studies do not bend down on the company’s side. 

The focus of a case study is on the customer. It should highlight the benefits a customer is likely to accrue while using their product or service. It should bring out the customer experience from the transaction with the company.

What is the essence of sales case studies? Recent research has shown that a significant part of customers depends on social proof before making buying decisions. For creating higher leads with products, an entrepreneur must secure the trust of its clients first. 

How to Create a Sales Study Case

Creating a case study is when you have your product in hand. Different steps apply when writing a case study. Here is a breakdown of essential components that make up a case study:

Building a Buyer’s Persona

In case you lack one, it is highly advisable to create one that suits your business. You can search for online templates that contain these personas. However, you can easily create your persona that relates to your business. Here are the essential steps you should consider when making your persona:

  • Your persona should have a name. It increases the chances of your target audience relating to the name. Adding a photograph is the perfect mix.
  • Develop a document that has two columns. 
  • In the first column, list the person's demographic traits, including their age, gender, income, level of education, marital status, and location.
  • In the second column, add some psychographic attributes of the persona. It includes their interests, values, challenges and values.
  • Slowly match the traits you need to create a preferred individual.

Selecting a Relatable Customer

When you have your target audience's traits, it becomes easy to find the perfect match as your customer representative. It includes targeting someone with features that most of your customers will relate to easily. 

Shifting from Problem to Solution

One primary attribute behind a case study is storytelling. You need to highlight the significant points that help your clients. It is advisable to perform a survey of your target audience to understand your customer's specifications better. When carrying out the research, some important questions you need to answer includes:

  1. Problems customers faced before using a product or service
  2. Their long term goals.
  3. Considerations from other competitors
  4. Measurable benefits accrued over time

Creating a Landing Page

All this relevant information goes a long way in making the landing page. Sending the sales study through your email listing might not reach to your targeted audience. It is highly advisable to create a landing page for your case. In case you need to generate high leads for your website, a landing page is a useful tool. It goes a long way in helping your business with making conversions. 

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