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How Best to Write My Report

November 14, 2020 Maree Sampson 0 Comments

Top Tips For Writing Reports

Whether you are doing it as part of your job or are fulfilling’s an academic requirement, equipping yourself with excellent report writing skills is crucial. Fortunately, report writing is easy. It all depends on the length of the required report. The language used and formats selected will also depend on your audience and level of expertise.

How to Write an Excellent Report

As mentioned earlier, report writing is straightforward. Most reports will follow a specific format, with different sections. The formats for both academic research papers and business papers are similar only that the content differs. To write an excellent report, consider the following tips:

  • Select the terms of reference
  • Choose a procedure
  • Research on the information
  • Pick a reliable structure
  • Write the first draft
  • Analyze findings and draw conclusions
  • Recommend
  • Create an executive summary and table of contents
  • Have a reference list
  • Revise the report and submit

Choosing the Reference Terms

Choosing the terms of reference starts by understanding the instructions given and figuring out the information you need to summarize. The most important thing is to know the purpose of the report. Ask yourself what the report is for, why it is needed, what you should do about it, and the audience it is targeted for. Having all these elements clear in your mind will help you focus on the intent and make it easy for you to choose terms of reference.

Select the Procedure

This simply means that you should plan on how to execute your report writing. Plan your research by deciding which information you need most, determining the background content you need to read, and if there are any special documents, you must focus on.

Gather Information

Once you have a workable plan, embark on research and collection of data that you need to compile into the report. This may mean observing and even interviewing or talking to people. The crucial thing is to gather relevant information only. You need to be on track, which means that checking the assessment guide as you proceed is highly recommended. Remember that your findings will make the biggest chunk of your report.

Work on the Structure

Most reports will follow a specific format, with slight variations in some. You need to stick to the guidelines provided by your tutor if you are doing an academic report. Some of the things that determine the structure you select for your report include the type of report, the report’s length, and also whether it is a formal or informal report. Most reports will begin with a title page and end with an Appendices section.

Writing the First Draft

The moment you settle on the structure you want to use, write the titles of each section, you will be tackling and then roughly fill in the blanks. You should have a draft explaining each of the sections you intend to describe. Make sure to keep each section’s length reasonable and informative, as this is what the tutor will be looking for.

Report writing should not be complicated. However, if you are stuck, hiring an expert to assist would be the best move.

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