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Tips for Writing a College Book Report

September 5, 2020 Maree Sampson 0 Comments

Useful Steps in College Book Report Writing

Writing a college book report is one way to prove that you have understood the piece of literature you were reading. It involves analyzing and critiquing the information in the literature book you were reading. The skills you need to do this successfully will come in handy, even outside the classroom setup.

What it Takes

To write a college book report, one needs specific skills. You need to have read the book first if you are going to critique it. The general steps you need to follow during this process include:

  • Understanding the assignment
  • Reading the exact book you need to write a report on
  • Write a powerful intro
  • Implementing the ideas
  • Revising the content before submitting

Understand the Assignment

When doing any academic assignment, you must read all the instructions and analyze them properly before committing yourself. In this case, college report book writing is even more challenging since instructors may have varied aims when giving the assignment. Read the instructions carefully to determine what is required first. You will establish if the tutor wants you to focus on the themes, characters, or other aspects of the books.

Read the Book

You can only analyze the content that you have read and understood fully. This means that you should purpose thoroughly for you to know what to add. Do not take shortcuts like watching a movie version or reading summarized notes as these may distort the real themes and meanings n the actual book. Take time to read through, and if possible, read more than once to capture everything perfectly. As you read, watch out for the following:

  1. The main themes and descriptions
  2. Note-worthy characters and what is happening to them
  3. The book’s plot

All these aspects will be useful when writing the book report hence the need to read the book.

Powerful Introductions

Once you are satisfied with the reading and have understood the plot and themes, you can write the report. You need to capture your audience's attention from the start, hence the need to have a powerful introduction. The intro should be an explanatory kind, making sure that it is easily understood. Always include a title, the author, and a thesis to keep you focused, although this is not mandatory.

Idea Implementation

The bulk of what you write in the report will be covered in the body paragraph section. Make a point of expanding your ideas from the introduction in such a way that it is flowing. Tackle this section in terms of a summary, an analysis, and a conclusion. Your summary should give an overview of what the book is about, whereas the analysis should go into specific themes and characters, depending on the instructions. You can then conclude neatly and make an honest recommendation.

Revising and Editing

Before submitting your paper, make sure to go through it, polishing out any errors that could be in the text. Never submit unedited work as this could cost you your scores

The best book reports are easy to write but may require extensive reading. If you are busy or held up, hire an expert to help.

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