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What to Consider When Writing a Book Report

November 11, 2020 Maree Sampson 0 Comments

All it Takes to Write an Excellent Book Report

Book report writing is a skill any student can master as long as they are focused and determined. This process begins with reading the book you are meant to write a report on. Do not be one of those students who take the shortcut by using other people’s summarized notes and analysis. As you consider writing your book report, including the following elements:

  • Note the type of report writing you need to do based on the instructions given by your tutor
  • Capture the book’s title
  • Mention the author of the book
  • The timeline aspects is crucial
  • The location the story is set in should also be clear
  • Have characters names with brief descriptions, especially for those you will be focusing on
  • Use a good amount of quotations and relevant examples for the book as your supporting evidence

Report Summary

When you start writing, introduce the story to the audience. Always assume that whoever will be reading the report is not familiar with the story, hence giving them a background about it. In this case, the only difference is that as you retell the story, your opinion about it should also be clear as you go along. Explain your true feeling about the write-up, using examples from the book to support your stand.

Analyze the Characters

Once the audience is familiar with the story's content, you can then get into a detailed analysis of the characters. In this section, you need to explore the different aspects of the characters. You should get into the details of their behaviors, dressing patterns, characteristics, and any other traits that stand out. Remember that every character in the story will have a unique trait, and your aim is to tie all the different traits of each character to your conclusion about them.

Get the Themes Right

Most book reports focus on themes since it is one of the most important aspects of any story. This means that you ought to focus on the big ideas that the author tried to explore. You can show how powerful some themes in the story are by bringing in emotions and feelings. Using examples to back up your claims and thought processes, explain the different themes in the story, making sure to include a clear connection of the theme to the story. Themes are a major part of the report writing as they capture the different goals the author wanted to express.

Conclusion and Revision

Once you have captured the report's body's most essential components, always finish as powerfully as you started. This means that you should end your report with a hook that keeps your audience wanting to find out more for themselves. You can also recommend the book, tying your thoughts and feelings about it neatly. Remember to maintain a consistent thought from the start to the end, and edit the paper before submission to eliminate all errors.

Hiring an expert report book writer can help save you the stress you have to encounter, especially if you are running out of time.

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